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        Profile of the Company | Lucky Electric Power Company

        Profile of the Company

        Profile of the Company


        LEPCL envisions being the premiert energy producing company from the private sector to provide economic, safe and reliable power to the off-taker and deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders.


        To provide reliable and economic power to the off-takercustomer and enable the business to deliver strong sustainable and long term value to the shareholders by optimizing systems, adopting world-class practices for operations and safety and promoting a culture of openness, integrity and teamwork. We are a responsible partner on the road to progress and development, essential to our community's collective hope for a better life.

        Status of Company

        Status of Company: Public unlisted company

        Registration Number

        Registration Number : 008809

        National Tax Number

        National Tax Number : 4312028-8


        Corporate Office

        11th Floor, Al-Tijarah Center, 32-1-A,
        PECHS, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi-74000 - Pakistan

        Head Office

        6-A Muhammad Ali Housing Society, A. Aziz Hashim Tabba Street, Karachi.
        PABX # 111 786 555
        FAX # 021 34534302
        Email Address - info@luckyelectricpower.com

        Detail of Associated Companies

        Lucky Cement Limited

        Lucky Cement Limited is the flagship company of YBG, which has a solid history of exceptional growth performance since its inception in 1993. In Pakistan, Lucky Cement has evolved into a premium cement manufacturer delivering consistent quality, providing unmatched customer satisfaction, utilizing state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal grinding technology, and most importantly, benefiting from low production costs. Lucky Cement is one of the largest cement producer in the domestic cement industry with production capacity of 9.35 MTPA and over two decades of cement manufacturing experience in Pakistan at its plants in Pezu and Karachi. Moreover, the Company now has an international production footprint in Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Iraq. The shares of Lucky Cement are quoted at Pakistan Stock Exchange and is the market leader with almost 19.2 % share of the Pakistan’s Cement Market (including Exports). It strives to remain an efficient and low cost producer and was the first company to install Waste Heat Recovery Plant in Pakistan.
        Lucky Cement manufacturing plants are strategically located in both North and South regions of the country. At present, it has a combined production capacity of 9.35 Million Tons per annum.
        The WHR system utilizes all the excess heat (which was previously being released in the atmosphere) from the production lines and power generators to generate electricity. Lucky Cement has set up two WHR plants at Karachi having a cumulative generation capacity of 20.5 MW and three WHR plants at Pezu having a cumulative generation capacity of 25.20 MW.
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        Lucky Holdings Limited

        Lucky Holdings Limited (LHL) is a 75 percent owned subsidiary of Lucky Cement Limited and was incorporated in Pakistan in the year 2012 as a public unlisted Company limited by shares under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. As of June 2015; LHL held 74.75% shares in ICI Pakistan Limited. The main source of earning of LHL is dividend and royalty income.
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        Details of Permissible Business Activities

        To carry on all or any of the businesses of generating, purchasing, importing, transforming, converting, distributing, supplying, exporting and dealing in electricity and all other forms of energy and products or services associated therewith and of promoting the conservation and efficient use of electricity and to perform all other acts which are necessary or incidental to the business of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply.